i-Sprink, an automatic suppression fire system for vehicles (EV) powered by li-ion batteries

Innovative fire protection developed for electromobility

A fire hydrant with an automatic water spray system type i-Sprink is a fire protection device intended for automatic suppression of the fire, within parking spaces intended for vehicles powered by li-ion batteries, in its initial phase, before the start of rescue and firefighting operation by the fire brigades. The device uses standard water supplies and water distribution installation for firefighting purposes as for internal fire hydrants, depending on the type of building and national regulations.

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Not only for car parks. Other applications
The device is intended for automatic fire protection of selected spaces, in the event of a fire, in buildings of various purposes, e.g. residential buildings, public buildings, industrial buildings e.g.:

  • parking spaces equipped with charging stations for electric and hybrid cars in underground garages (primary use),
  • parking spaces equipped with parking platforms in underground garages,
  • parking spaces and charging areas for battery-operated forklift trucks,
  • warehouse storage spaces,
  • selected parts of production lines in industrial buildings,
  • hazardous materials storage areas e. g. battery rooms.

Structure and key components of the i-Sprink kit

  • fire hydrant module
  • control valves module (electromagnetic or motorized ball valves)
  • control-power supply module
  • set of water spray nozzles mounted on the sectional pipelines (dry – not filled with water)
  • local smoke/heat detection system
  • innovative, contactless infrared temperature and car presence sensor (early fire hazard detection)
  • audio-visual signalling device (option)


Effectiveness confirmed by tests

The iSprink system has undergone tests carried out by the Combustion and Explosive Processes Laboratories, Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection named after Józef Tuliszkowski – National Research Institute on December 7-8, 2022 in the test garage. The test confirmed the effectiveness of the system in fire control of an electric vehicle (an ICE vehicle with Li-ion cells was used during the test), as well as early detection and indication of the parking space number. The operation of iSprink also contributes to lowering the temperature during a fire, which enables efficient rescue operations without endangering the lives and health of rescuers.

The test confirmed the effectiveness of the sprinkler intensity, in accordance with the PN-EN 12845 and VdS CEA 4001 standards, fire hazard class OH2 for car parks, proving the effectiveness of automatic water extinguishing systems in garages intended for electric vehicles.


Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the i-Sprink kit is based on an automatic use of a local water spray system to suppress electric or hybrid car fire in its initial stage. Water supply is provided by means of standard internal hydrant installation. The early fire detection system consists of two smoke and heat detectors and one contactless, infrared temperature and car presence sensor per parking space. If a fire has been detected, the controller automatically opens a specific section valve located in the control valve module to enable water supply to the correct water spray section pipe and two water jet nozzles installed above the protected parking space. The i-Sprink kit enables standard use of the internal hydrants and extinguishing a fire using a hydrant hose. The hydrant valve is fitted with a limit switch which, when opened, automatically closes an appropriate section valve in the control valve module. In case many i-Sprink kits are installed in a common space, they are integrated and communicate with each other by means of data transmission loop.


Early Detection – Thermal Imaging Fire Location Indicator (WMP)

The Fire Spot Indicator (WMP) is mounted on the ceiling, in the axes separating the parking spaces. It is used to monitor the temperature fields within parking spaces intended for charging vehicles equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Each of the detectors is addressable and can be individually configured, inter alia, depending on the height of its installation and the location of the protected parking spaces. In addition, individual programming of the detectors’ coincidences in order to precisely indicate the parking place within which the fire hazard occurred.

Degree of protection: IP54
Communication: MODBUS RTU
Relay outputs: 3 (2 x fire, 1 x fault)
Measurement temperature range: 0-300°C
Temperature measurement correction as a function of measurement distance
Distance measurement: up to 5 m
Transmission of the vehicle parking space number to e.g.: SSP, BMS or SIUP
Additional: confirmation of the occupancy of the parking space

Watch the video on how the detection system works: https://youtu.be/aYUY9kTWVlM



Automatic fire suppression mode (the excess temperature limit or detection of smoke or/and heat)

  • fire detection (alarm) – coincidence of two smoke/heat detectors located in a protected space e. g. parking space in the underground garage, (depending on the programmed algorithm, including pre-alarms based on information transmitted by the charging station)
  • automatic shutdown of electric vehicle charging station (optional),
  • transmission of the fire alarm to the fire alarm system (FAS) and/or building management system (BMS),
  • opening an appropriate section valve in the control valve module and activation of water jet nozzles installed above the protected space (automatic fire suppression), where fire has been detected e. g. parking space in the underground garage,
  • activation of the audio-visual signalling device (optional).



Indication of the parking space number

A fire in a garage is always accompanied by a lot of smoke, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the source of the fire. The Fire Site Indicator (WMP) is an addressed indicator, i.e. assigned to a specific parking place of the vehicle. In the event of fire detection, it sends a signal to the facility’s fire control panel, or directly to the fire station, with the exact parking place number and location of the vehicle in the facility. Thanks to this, rescue teams immediately know what kind of fire they are dealing with and the source of the fire. This allows for the appropriate and quick preparation of a rescue action scenario before they reach the facility. This significantly shortens the time of undertaking direct extinguishing action, and thus reduces the risks associated with the rescue team in searching for the source of fire in a densely smoky garage.



Manual fire suppression mode (normal use of the fire hydrant hose)

  • manual opening of the hydrant valve (limit switch opening),
  • automatic closure of specific section valve and cutting-off water supply to water jet nozzles,
  • use of the hydrant hose to extinguish the fire.

Note: After the extinguishing is finished, it is recommended to drain the water from the used hydrant by opening the drain valve in order to dry the unheated section pipes led outside the kit cabinet.


Certificates and approvals for Polish market

The iSprink system as a non standard solution has to has individuals approvals for each market. For Polish market, the iSprink system has a National Technical Assessment issued by the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection named after Józef Tuliszkowski – National Research Institute, no. CNBOP-PIB-KOT-2023/0376-1004, based on the Polish Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction. iSprinkj is intended for use in fire suppression and extinguishing systems in buildings. Among others, in facilities equipped with electric vehicle charging stations (garages, industrial facilities, etc.) to secure vehicle charging points.
The Fire Location Indicator (WMP) as an element of early detection of the iSprink system has a recommendation of suitability for use in fire protection No. RP-0012/2023, issued by the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection – National Research Institute.


Benefits of using the i-Sprink kit

  • system dedicated for existing buildings and new under construction,
  • early detection,
  • indication of parking lot number and building level,
  • minimum water supply pressure 0,2MPa,
  • installation on existing fire hose reel network in the building,
  • no expansion of the pump station required,
  • make a manual fire hose reel to automatic fire suppression system,
  • effectiveness confirmed by tests,
  • automatic fire suppression in its initial stage,
  • control of heat release rate before the start of the rescue operation and firefighting (slower development of the fire),
  • effective cooling of the burning vehicle, vehicles parked at the adjacent spaces, and building structure (lower temperatures and control of the fire spreading),
  • low cost investment, comparing to other automatic systems (sprinkler or water mist).


Harmonized product and relevant design standards

The i-Sprink kit is a combination of a internal fire hydrant 33 with a local water spray system. The hydrant 33 meets all requirements of EN 671-1 Fixed firefighting systems – Hose systems – Part 1: Hose reels with semi-rigid hose and has a Certificate of Conformity issued by CNBOP-PIB No. 1438 /CPR/0227. Assumptions regarding the required intensity of spraying were adopted on the basis of the European standard EN 12845+A1:2020-05 Fixed firefighting systems – Automatic sprinkler systems – Design, installation and maintenance, the required spraying intensity is 5 mm/min∙m2. The same assumption regarding the fire hazard category of parking lots is defined by the German standard VdS 2109en: 2021-01 “Guidelines for sprinkler systems”.

Complete technical on the use of the i-Sprink kit is available at “Support” tab or in the link “Design documentation i-Sprink”.


If you would like introduce this system for you market or you need  more details feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions and advise you on how to choose the right solution for your application. We are here to provide comprehensive support and solve your problems!

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