Prestige Line hydrant series

We have created Prestige hydrant lines for exceptional places. Materials such as stainless steel, wood, silver, amber, Swarovski® crystals, and even leather and jeans are used for their production. Each cabinet can be personalized by laser engraving text or graphics, and the PICTURE model allows you to place your own photo on it.
The whole is complemented by wooden crates that protect against damage, in which products from the Prestige Line series are transported. Careful workmanship and attention to detail make it an ideal solution for luxury places.


Decorative hydrant made of stainless steel (OH18N9 alloy) with wooden elements. The graphics are made using a laser technique that allows permanent application of shapes, such as company logos, letters, signs or pictograms. Another element of personalization is the color of wood chosen by the customer on the sides of the wardrobe.


Hydrant made of a combination of decorative stainless steel and colored glass. Both the steel pattern and the color of the glass are selected individually according to the customer’s indication. The product is also distinguished by the 3D effect – the wardrobe structure is made so that the element of the glass frame is located a few dozen millimeters from the wall. Thanks to this, the hydrant looks like it is hanging in the air. To enhance this effect and better integrate the hydrant into the environment, we can install LED lighting with a remote control for changing colors. The decorative steel pattern selected according to the available templates.


Half-round mirror door made of Supermirror stainless steel. Thanks to the mirror reflection effect, the hydrant will perfectly match any surroundings. The color of the cabinet body can be changed according to the customer’s guidelines.


A unique hydrant, created for people who value art. The doors made by the artist create a unique relief. The exclusive nature of the product is complemented by precious materials: Polish amber, from the Baltic Sea surrounded by silver.


Properly profiled housing and graphics on the door give the hydrant the features of an image that blends in perfectly with the elegant surroundings. The graphics presented are exemplary – the customer can place his / her photo on it, matching the interior design. The hydrant is available as surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions.


The hydrant door is decorated with Swarovski® crystals, according to the pattern chosen by the customer. Their quantity and color is also selected on request. Painting with metallic powder paint causes crystals to shimmer even more intensely. The standard element is also a handle decorated with Swarovski® crystals. Materials and designs can be changed according to the architect’s guidelines.