Foam fire hydrants and cabinets for equipment

Special purpose fire hydrantHZ-1

Type: HZ
Symbol: HZ-1
Product description:
Self-standing cabinet for fire equipment of external hydrant
Note: sample product photo. Final look depends on equipment and project
Material of hydrant cabinet – electrolyte galvanized steel DC01 (zinc coating thickness min. 3μm per side)
Paint coating 80 μm thick – polyester powder paint for external and industrial uses resistant to UV radiation
Anti-corrosion protection – zinc coating at least 3μm per side; polyester paint for external and industrial uses
Design (optional):
Cabinet body of stainless (alloy) steel 0H18N9 (AISI 304)
Cabinet body made of stainless (alloy) steel 0H17N12M2T (AISI 316)
Hydrant stand per PN-73/M-51154
4 hose sections H-52 or H-75; length 15 or 20 mb
Hydrant key
Universal fire key
Connector keys - 2 pcs
Equipment hangers
Equipment (optional):
Ventilation holes with insect mesh
Anti-corrosion structure up to level C5M according to EN12944
Door locking rod
Manufacturer’s data
According to PN-92/N-01256/01
Type of door:
Full door
Type of lock:
BASKVIL EURO – door-hollowed rotary handle
Optional lock type:
BASKVIL Patent mortise lock with a spare key placed on the door plate behind a 1 mm glass window;
RAL3000 (red) – polyester paint resistant to UV radiation - standard
RAL9010 (white) - polyester paint resistant to UV radiation - standard
Others – all colors available from RAL pallet and special colors - option
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Depth [mm]