Fire Hose Reels in cabinet - DN52

Fire hydrantHW-52 W-15/20-Ko+15/20

Type: HW-52
Symbol: HW-52 W-15/20-Ko+15/20
Product description:
Universal model – supply can be connected from the right or left
Internal hydrant for flat-folded hose DN52 (fire press hose)
Recess-mounted (concealed) W
Space at cabinet bottom for further section of flat-foldable fire press hose Ø52 - 15 or 20 meters
Hydrant cabinet material - steel DC01 1.0 mm thick
Paint coating 80 μm thick – polyester powder paint for external and industrial uses resistant to UV radiation
Anti-corrosion protection – zinc coating at least 3μm per side; polyester paint for external and industrial uses
Design (optional):
Cabinet body of stainless (alloy) steel 0H18N9 (AISI 304)
Cabinet body made of stainless (alloy) steel 0H17N12M2T (AISI 316)
Branch pipe PW-52 as per PN-89/M-51028
Additional section of fire flat-folded press hose Ø52 – 15/20 meters
Hose basket H-52
Hydrant valve DN 50 with 52-T cap
Flat-folded press fire hose H-52 as per PN-87/M-51151 - 15 mb or 20 mb
Safety mark – internal hydrant PN-EN ISO 7010-2012
Certificate no.
Operation manual
Manufacturer’s data
Rating plate
Water supply installation:
Cabinet body prepared for installation of hydrant valve on the left or right (universal design)
Compliance with standards:
EN 671-2
Type of door:
Full door
Full door with a hinge in the front plate allowing to open at 180°, according to EN 671-2
Type of lock:
Key lock with a spare key placed on the door plate behind a 1 mm glass window;
Optional lock type:
EURO - rotary handle placed in the door
Universal – combines functions of euro lock and patent lock; opening is done by breaking a PCV cover or with a service key
RAL3000 (red) – polyester paint resistant to UV radiation - standard
RAL9010 (white) - polyester paint resistant to UV radiation - standard
Reel colors:
RAL3000 (red) wg EN 671-2
  • 65 l/min, P ≥ 0.2 MPa, nozzle D9 mm
  • 102 l/min, P ≥ 0.2 MPa, nozzle D12 mm
  • 120 l/min, P ≥ 0.2 MPa, nozzle D13 mm
Work pressure:
Minimum : 0.2 MPa
Maximum : 0.7 MPa
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Depth [mm]
Hose length [m]
HW-52 W-15-Ko+15/20
HW-52 W-20-Ko+15/20